Things I read recently that I found interesting

It’s the links round-up again. Hopefully this one will be the last one with Pigfucky McTaxDodger as Prime Minister. We can hope, anyway.

Jean Charles de Menezes and the limits of human rights (Gracie Mae Bradley)- Exploring the limits of human rights law, and how it allowed the killing of an innocent person.

I am not a good rape victim (Priyanka Poddar)- Examining the demands put upon rape survivors.

Being a dark-skinned woman and the prejudices we face (Bridget Minamore)- Shadeism faced by black women and growing up “too dark”, and the beauty in dark skin.

Interview with Judith Butler (Sara Ahmed)- Two faves sit down together and thrash issues out.

Mr Cynicism goes to Panama (piercepenniless)- On the importance of the Panama papers.

Tabletop Gaming has a White Male Terrorism Problem (Latining)- A look at the issues within the tabletop gaming community perpetrated by white men.

Why it’s okay to be angry (Lola Phoenix)- How anger can be useful, and how it is maligned.

‘Her nose was straight with a soft tip at the end’ — Writing Race at School (Clare Warner)- The very real impact of mostly-white set texts which are required reading in schools.

And finally, the robot uprising is beginning to affect cats. I for one welcome our new feline robot overlords.

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