Things I read recently that I found interesting

Roll up, roll up, it’s linkspam time!

Witch-hunt (Hannah Black)- On gossip as a women’s weapon of resistance.

5 reasons why we stopped a UKgov deportation flight to Nigeria last night (Nadia Graham)- Reporting on a great bit of activism, and why actions such as this are so necessary.

We Added a Gender-Neutral Pronoun in 1934. Why Have So Few People Heard of It? (Merriam-Webster)- Interesting little bit of history on a pronoun that never flew, although some Twitter pals inform me it’s still in use in Northern Ireland.

wrongkindofcrazy (Ali Brumfitt)- A spoken-word piece on mental illness.

Raids on workplaces and homes (Anti-Raids Network)- Printable resources so you can help your friends and neighbours.

White Women Are Less Likely to Protect Black Women From Sexual Assault, Study Finds (Brittney McNamara)- Empirical evidence of the problem. As white women, we must address this and protect our black sisters.

Transgender bullying is on the rise. How can we stop misinformation spreading? (Paris Lees)- Examining the very real consequences of the “debate” where bigots are allowed to fib.

A 130-Year-Old Fact About Dinosaurs Might Be Wrong (Ed Yong)- A rather enjoyable piece on a possible huge taxonomic misclassification.

The Jolyoncene (Alex Baker)- Have you noticed the sudden influx of Jolyons?

How many 16th century French laying hens would be required to feed Gaston his five dozen eggs? A surprisingly educational answer to this weird question.

Disabled Feminism (Ray Filar, Tumu Johnson and Nikky Smith)- A long listen, but this radio show covers key issues with disability and feminism.

Context & The Most Famous Artist: Why the Boring Bro of Art Needs To Shut TF Up (A Brief History of Brief Histories)- On art bros, readymades and men sucking.

And finally, if you want to get me an Easter egg, I’d like this one, please.

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