TERFs are using Nazi tactics. Don’t let it work.

Content note: this post discusses transmisogynistic bigots and Nazis

There was a hoo-ha last night, where a horde of trans women allegedly surrounded a transmisogynist gathering and one of the transmisogynistic bigots got punched.

Now, there are reasons to doubt their side of the events, reason to believe that the punch was in self-defence and major inconsistencies all across what they are claiming happened, and reasons to wonder why the police didn’t arrest anyone when they’re in the habit of nicking trans people for holding banners that hurt their feelings, let alone an alleged major assault. But I’m not going to talk about that. (update: seems as if it was an unequivocal act of self-defence (pics here) (witness statement here), which I can’t say I didn’t expect)

What I want to point out is the similarity in tactics between the transmisogynists’ narrative, and tactics deployed successfully by Nazis. Our current face of Nazism–the alt right, neo-Nazis, the far right, whatever your style guide demands you call them–rather like to play the victim. When Richard Spencer got punched (lol) the Nazis were very keen to whine about it. When anti-fascist protesters come out to defend their communities, the Nazis, and their chum Donald Trump, are falling over themselves to denounce violence “on both sides”. Centrists are always eager to back up these narratives, because they love a good middle ground almost as much as they love pretending they’re not enablers of fascism.

This, of course, serves a purpose. It drags discussion away from “Nazis are bad, how can we stop them?” to “punching is bad”. It has been a Nazi tactic since Nazis were invented; Hitler rather liked to claim that he and his were victims of unprovoked violence from the people they wanted wiped out.

Now, transmisogynistic bigots have rather a lot in common with Nazis already. They both share an unhealthy fascination with trans people’s genitalia, where trans people pee, concern trolling about safety, and a general desire to see trans people eliminated entirely. They have been known to work together on certain projects, in particular surrounding “bathroom bills”. It seems, in their cosy discussion groups about how to ban trans people from public life, the transmisogynistic bigots and the Nazis have also been exchanging tactics.

What the transmisogynists want more than anything in the world right now is to stop talking about their repulsive ideology and their repugnant tactics, and talk about the merits and drawbacks of political violence. They want to draw sympathy from the gullible centre, who uncritically lap up victim-playing rhetoric, because centrists dislike impoliteness far more than they reject hate.

Let’s not let them.

Let us stay focused on why there was a protest in the first place.

A few days ago, it was noticed that New Cross People’s Library was hosting an event headlined by one Dr Julia Long, a long-time harasser of trans women who picketed a lesbian pride parade. Those of us who aren’t exactly keen on hate crimes gave the venue a ring and asked them to cancel. The venue did.

Transmisogynists have a lot of access to money though. Bigotry is lucrative. This meant that they could move their little two hours’ hate to a private members’ club.

These are all things we could be talking about: the fact that there are rich bigots who have a proven track record of harassing trans women. But this is indefensible, so they’d rather we talked about something else. If not an alleged assault, it would have certainly been the old freeze peach complaint–again, a page straight out of the Nazi playbook.

So let us not play into their hands with endless, fruitless discussions of violence. Let us stay on topic: these are nasty people who do nasty, indefensible things with their money. Let’s not let this Nazi tactic work, but instead let’s think about everything these people have been doing. That they actively campaign to remove healthcare from people. That they join hands with Nazis to prevent trans people from leaving the house. That they have a visceral obsession with the genitals of little children. That they do everything in their considerable power to smear and harass women who are just trying to exist.

This is what they don’t want us talking about. And this is what we must keep talking about.


Usually this is the point where I link to my Patreon. I’m not doing that today. Instead, I ask you to make a donation, big or small, to Action For Trans Health.

16 thoughts on “TERFs are using Nazi tactics. Don’t let it work.”

  1. By far the biggest problem at the moment is the TERF attacks on doctors.

    Imagine for a moment that you are a doctor, and you have two options

    Option 1: 2% of patients have a negative outcome, and 0% die as a result
    Option 2: 98% of patients have a negative outcome, and 46% die as a result

    On what conceivable grounds would you strike off a doctor for choosing Option 1. But that is exactly what TERFs want to do. They want to “protect” children by forcing Option 2 on them.

    1. It’s fucking terrifying, it truly is. And given the numbers, the only possible explanation is they want these children dead.

      1. CN suicide

        I got into an argument with one about the Stonewall school report, where they were claiming the suicidal ideation figures werent as bad as the media was reporting. Like literally saying, yes some trans kids are suicidal, but its OK because its not that many.

        So, yeah, wanting dead kids seems a reasonable assumption of their motive.

    2. hello I am cat I am part of an orchestrated campaign, shamelessly aping alt right tactics

      [comment may have been edited as per the comment policy]

  2. People getting this twisted about what fewer than 1 in 200 consider to be their gender? Like they genuinely think it’s any of their business? I’m glad this is beyond my comprehension. Sorry about all your bad commenters.

    If I was to chuck some money at some good writers and publishers who should I go for? Is Trans Like Me by CN Lester any good?

    1. Yep, also Trans, by Juliet Jacques is incredible! Tiny Pieces of Skull by Roz Kaveney is a short novella that’s well worth a read, a fictionalised version of her life as a trans woman in the early 80s. Also, Roz’s fantasy novels, the Rhapsody of Blood series, is brilliant.

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