Things I read this week that I found interesting

I read some things. They interested me. Maybe they’ll interest you too. Here they are. Please leave me more things.

Her Name was Lucy Meadows: the consequences of transphobic press monstering (Sarah Noble)- Beautifully-written and moving piece on Lucy Meadows and transphobia in the media. A must-read.

Showing too much (Philippa Willitts)- There’s been some very good things on blogs and the mainstream media, but with too many triggering descriptions and images, and possible invasions of the privacy of dead people. Philippa outlines the problem. Gave me pause for thought and made me remove one of the links which I was going to include in this round-up.

Yet another blog about trigger warnings (zedkat)- A very useful resource on the function of trigger warnings/content notes, and how to use them.

Don’t like the Mean Girls’ table? Check out the rest of the room (CN Lester)- Bang-on, and somewhat politer takedown of that awful NS piece about the “Online Wimmin Mob”.

For the mob (Pierce Penniless)- An exploration of what the mob is, and pondering why ostensibly left-wing commentators are using the term.

Standing with Adria (Feministe)- An expression of solidarity for a woman fired for publicly taking a stance against sexism.

Sex Worker or Therapist? (Psychology Tomorrow)- A piece censored by Psychology Today on the therapeutic role sex workers can play.

The postmortem portraits of Phineas Gage (MindHacks)- Anybody who has taken a psychology or neuroscience class will have likely heard of Phineas Gage, and his frontal lobe. A look at how pictures of his brain have changed over time.

They call it climbing and we call it visibility (Bethany Black)- On trans visibility and being out.

Against “rape prevention advice”: a radio debate (TMP)- Does what it says on the tin, well worth a listen.

Richard O’Brien: ‘I’m 70% man’ (BBC)- In which Richard O’Brien talks about gender identity, and it’s interesting. Skip everything after the picture of the Rocky Horror Show cast, as it’s treating gender identity like it’s some sort of debate.

The domestic abusers lobby (Jill Filipovic)- The NRA are actively lobbying for a law which would make it easier for domestic abusers to kill their partners.

In Which I Was Not Relieved By Comedy (Kawai Odoom)- An analysis of the awfulness of Comic Relief.

Getting With Girls Like Us: A Radical Guide to Dating Trans* Women for Cis Women (Autostraddle)- Another Ronseal, but very, very useful.

This is white history– For all those complaining that there’s no White History Month, here you are: the history of the horrors white people have inflicted over the centuries.

And finally, a little bit of misandry to brighten your day.

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