Why I signed the statement of trans-inclusive feminism and womanism

At the time of writing, 158 feminist and womanist individuals and organisations have signed a statement of trans-inclusive feminism, myself included. It is sad that such a thing needs to exist in 20-fucking-13, but it’s vital that we are vocal in our opposition to feminisms which decide to exclude women. I will quote my favourite part of the statement below.

By positing “woman” as a coherent, stable identity whose boundaries they are authorized to police, transphobic feminists reject the insights of intersectional analysis, subordinating all other identities to womanhood and all other oppressions to patriarchy.  They are refusing to acknowledge their own power and privilege.

It is so important to acknowledge that transphobic feminisms are not just wrong, but dangerously so, and this statement does just that. Please read the whole statement and share it as much as you can! We need to be vocal about the unacceptability of bigotry in feminism.

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