Things I read this week that I found interesting

Hello internet. I read things.

Of privilege in progressive circles. (Dani)- Go and read this.

SWOU statement in response to mis-representations from the Nottingham conference (Sex Worker Open University)- Signal boosting this, because it’s important. Yesterday, sex workers were literally locked out of a feminist conference, and misinformation was spread. Please read their statement.

“Racists React To [thing]” posts are just passive white supremacy (4thletter!)- An explanation of the problematic aspects of a particular trope in lazy journalism.

Why #ibelieveher, and don’t believe rape suspects need anonymity. (That Pesky Feminist)- Shit that shouldn’t need saying, said well.

Don’t Blame the Victim: Freshers’ Week Sexism (quiteirregular)- Timely post on a problem that is most visible at certain times of the year.

Health is not an obligation (hlokaya)- Excellent piece on the nonsense spouted about health and weight. Content note for eating disorders and self harm.

How about no more misogyny,racism and outings? (everyday whorephobia)- Your necessary occasional reminder that there’s a lot more wrong with the Sun than the third page.

And finally, the winners of Astronomy Photographer of the Year. Pretty!

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