Things I read that I found interesting

This week, like every other week, I read some things and found them interesting. Some of them weren’t even written this week, I just read them this week. And found them interesting. Perhaps you will, too.

When Some Of The Cis White Women Who Are Abused Online Are Also Abusers (Gradient Lair)- An excellent analysis of misogynoir and online abuse.

Side eyeing feminism and undoing the harm (Flavia Dzodan)- Flavia makes the case for the side eye as feminist praxis.

Female characters, trauma and you (Feminist TV)-Exposing misogyny in fan reactions to women who experience trauma.

How Life Can Improve for Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans People in 2014 (Paris Lees)- Paris looks to the future.

A Year in Review: The Top 10 Most Racist/Privileged Things White Feminists Did in 2013 (The Coloured Fountain)- A 2013 countdown worth reading.

Twice Betrayed, Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma Face Discrimination at the VA (Zoe Carpenter)- A rather harrowing read on military handling of rape.

Rubbish, mice and mould: good enough for young mums without money (Kate Belgrave)- Kate exposes the living conditions deemed suitable for working class mothers.

Why Marketers Fear The Female Geek (anjinanhut)- Interesting analysis of how marketing works and why games are usually targeted at men.

On friendzoning someone (Emma Quite Frankly)- A short poem.

Brought to You by the Letter I: Why Intersex Politics Matters to LGBT Activism (Autostraddle)- Useful article on why intersex issues matter.

Not your rescue project (Pandora Blake)- Pandora collates tweets by sex workers about interventions they don’t want.

Four Myths About the Sex Industry (Jes Richardson)- Busting a few myths.

Sex trafficking in Sweden, according to the Swedish police (Feminist Ire)- Another takedown of the “Swedish model” for policing sex work.

While Wearing Their Pretty Dresses, They Ruined Lives: 12 Years A Slave & the Role of White Women In Slavery (Olivia A. Cole)- Examining the complicity of white women in slavery.

Metaphorically Speaking: Ableist Metaphors in Feminist Writing (Sami Schalk)- An academic analysis of problematic language in feminist writing.

The absolutely, ultimate, best ever, guide to sex! (sometimes it’s just a cigar)- Read this and your sex will be better.

And finally, kittens smash biphobia. And, if you’re a biphobic dog person who won’t click that link, have some dinner.


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