Things I read last week that I found interesting

Hi. Late with the round-up post, on account of having had a Bit Of A Shit Week. Anyway, I think I’m out of the waaahmbulance now. I didn’t read much this week.

It’s Time to End the Long History of Feminism Failing Transgender Women (Tina Vasquez)- Everything you need to know about Cathy Brennan and her ilk.

How the west’s attempts to stop the anti-gay bill could hurt Ugandan LGBTIs (Edwin Sesange)- Very, very worth reading.

Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race (Reni Eddo-Lodge)- Reni states her position, and with damn fucking good reason.

“Olivia Pope,” “Claire Underwood” And The Desire For Feminist Female Characters On Television (Gradient Lair)- On truth in characters.

On Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Race and Shame (Suleikha Snyder)- On racism, with pictures of pretty men which illustrate a good point.

10 Ways to Show Love to Someone With Depression (The Darling Bakers)- While not prescriptive, it’s really lovely when people do things like this for me.

And finally, this buzzfeed is mistitled, and I’m pretty sure these problems are shared by a lot of femmes.

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