Cyril Smith: Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True

Content note: This post discusses child abuse

The MP for Rochdale raped children. He was aided and assisted by men of his race. He and his paedophile ring procured children from care homes and raped them at parties.

The police were aware of what the MP for Rochdale was doing. They watched the paedophile ring raping children through secret cameras. They gathered a substantial amount of evidence about this paedophile ring, and who was involved, and what they were doing. And yet the police did nothing–worse than nothing. They shelved the investigation, and they threatened police officers who wanted to talk about this paedophile ring into silence.

It is only decades later that we are beginning to hear about this paedophile ring, and the Met are now investigating themselves to see whether they covered it up.

Cyril Smith, former MP for Rochdale and child rapist, was a white man. His gang of fellow child rapists were also white men. Most of the police force are white men, and they exist to protect the interests of white men.

This is hardly the first predominantly white paeodophile ring we’ve heard about, either. Take, for example, the Catholic Church sexual abuse. Most of those embroiled were white. The higher-ups at the Catholic Church are mostly white. And, as with Cyril Smith, we don’t know anywhere near as much as we should about what happened, and how it was allowed to happen, because the authorities are more than happy to cover it up.

We don’t talk about the race of the perpetrators in these paedophile rings because of white supremacy. White supremacy also drives the police to help rather than stop the abusers by keeping a lid on everything. You can’t say anything anymore.

There are things in white culture that help men rape children. White people are instilled with a sense of entitlement from birth, the feeling that if they want something, they can take it. White people are taught to look after their own, to keep each other away from accountability. White people blame anyone but themselves. White people feel as though they can get away with anything–and this is rarely a delusion.

We don’t talk about cases like Cyril Smith in the terms of his race, because this is usually shut down due to white supremacy. The privilege white skin bestows silences these discussions, because white skin is treated as simply “normal”. And yet at least in part, Cyril Smith’s whiteness let him get away with all his life. Same with Jimmy Savile.

White supremacy won’t allow us to associate whiteness with paedophilia, but it’s time we noticed that it is, so we can start to expose the horrors going on that the perpetrators and their chums would rather we didn’t.

8 thoughts on “Cyril Smith: Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True”

  1. That is fucking sick and everyone involved deserves to be killed(Including every cop that was involved in letting them go). It makes me ashamed to be part of the same planet as these sick fucks. It really fucking pisses me off that they got away with it because they were white and rich. I know that because I’m a white man, I’m not exactly a good person to talk about white privilege but I wish I could make everyone equal. I’m not better than anyone else except for sick fucks like the ones mentioned in the blog so I shouldn’t be treated as if I am better just because my parents happened to have white skin. It makes me angry when police KILL innocent people over the color of their skin, but let people like this get away with the sick, perverted, evil shit they do just because they’re white.

  2. As a straight, white, cis-man, you have entirely hit the nail on the head. Rape culture exists in all races, and all genders, but we’ve yet to truly confront the rape culture amongst the white male establishment.

  3. I know (or at least hope) that this is somewhat satirical, but it would work better had the police not turned a blind eye to the non-white pedophillia scandal for far, far too long as well. If it’s not satirical, one wonders what “let’s associate whiteness with pedophillia” does to help precisely anyone at all.

      1. It’s true that it’s a faster pace compared to the less than glacial speed of the main establishment enquiry, but it did take the police just (!) a few years in the case of Ian Watkins for them to realise, or even just to care, that his accusers weren’t just liars or fantasists, and he’s as white as they come.

        Something has changed, and I think we’re just seeing various child abuse victim cases come to light at the exact same time, the Rochdale cases and the Westminster cases, because some kind of tide has broken and they just can’t be covered up or ignored anymore. Obviously anyone who’s writing online about there being a specific pedophile problem within Islam can immediately be dismissed and countered with the information that is coming out about the activities of those in the corridors of power. But rather than race be a factor in why the police weren’t investigating Smith and Saville at others, I don’t see it. It’s rather more likely that it’s revealed that they were all, sadly, in on it too.

  4. We don’t have the same attitude to race in the UK as they do in the USA. He wasn’t the only person to be doing this and the list is too long to go into here. Recently there has been a recent paedophile ring in the Bradford area with mainly white girls and Asian men, but when there race is mentioned, the subject of racism is brought up too. Going back to the Cyril Smith issue again, it’s recently been reported the the prime minister of the time Margaret Thatcher knew what was going on and didn’t do anything about it. I find all these stories and allegations hard to believe, hard that the people involved got away with such prolific acts for so many years with seeming impunity. Someone had to know something, especially in the mid 80’s when there were child sex abuse scandals in Cleveland which must have shone a light on other allegations at the time.

    1. The latest I saw this morning is that he had “friends” in special branch who helped him when he was stopped on the motorway with child porn in his car (I assume it was magazines / hard copy rather than computer stuff due to the era).

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