Things I read

It’s that weekly round up time again!

The Gay Men Who Hate Women (Sean Faye)- Excellent analysis of the problem, with particular focus on how misogyny from gay men affects trans and queer women. Unsurprisingly, Sean got a lot of shit for this article. And so did women sharing the article. From gay men. Who are totes not misogynistic.

How to Write a “Political Correctness Run Amok” Article (Julia Serano)- Brilliant, witty piece on the whinings coming recently from the Greers and Bindels of the world.

Fascism (Tressie McMillan Cottom)- Examining the relationship between the media and activists, with focus on how Mizzou students were branded fascists for their suspicions.

The Fifteen Questions we work with (Undercover Research Group)- These are questions worth asking to check if there is an undercover cop in your midst.

People Don’t Hate Safe Spaces, They Hate The People They Protect (Miles Johnson)- This is an excellent article on the function of safer spaces and the reaction to them.

“We must unite globally against police brutality” Marcia Rigg on building an international coalition (Marcia Rigg)- The sister of a man killed by police states the need for global action.

Why our conversations about Paris have been broken from the start (Zoe Samudzi)- By far the best thing I’ve seen on the Paris attacks.

Volunteering At An Abortion Clinic Made Me Lose Patience With The Abortion Debate (Kaye Toal)- Why access to abortion is not a debate.

Autogynophilia pathologizes normal female behavior (Tobi Hill-Meyer)- Short critique of the transmisogynistic pseudoscience of autogynophilia.

Stalling Civil Rights: Conservative Sexual Thought has been in the Toilet Since the 1940s (Gillian Frank)- A short history of debates about who should (and should not) be allowed to access public toilets.

No such thing as straight women? The real danger behind this study. (Consider the Tea Cosy)- You probably saw the study, now here’s the takedown.

Relying on volunteering is more unfair than you think (Sasha)- Great piece on how relying on volunteering to assign tasks usually ends up with women doing the heavy lifting.

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