Congratulations to the anti-trans bigots who got reproductive healthcare defunded


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One thought on “Congratulations to the anti-trans bigots who got reproductive healthcare defunded”

  1. Wow. Banning words is a sure sign of a desperate and morally bankrupt regime. I hope the CDC just do a find-and-replace, so their documents refer instead to ‘non-cisgender people’, or better still, ‘people oppressed for their gender identity’.

    I’m not sure how much this sort of thing can fairly be blamed on twits in this country – I mean, Trump probably doesn’t read the New Statesman. But they can be blamed for helping to create an environment of hostility rather than solidarity with trans people. It’s definitely true that trans rights are intrinsically linked with broader healthcare rights and bodily autonomy rights, and opponents of those things tend not to draw a distinction between them.

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