Doomful and gloomful predictions for 2020

Welp, this decade has been a continuous stream of shit, hasn’t it? It reminds me a lot of the time I got food poisoning off an out-of-date salad, except at least that cleared up fairly quickly.

In great news, I think it’s going to get worse. Incrementally, but undeniably worse. Here’s some things that I think will probably happen.

Literally everything will just get a bit worse.

Sorry, I wanted to say more, but basically that’s it. You know how Boris Johnson is Prime Minister? That, and he’ll do a lot of bad things. You know that US election? Yeah, Trump will probably win it again. You know how centrists are repeatedly sabotaging any effective resistance, either through incompetence or design? Yep, you guessed it, more of the same.

This will be the recurring theme of 2020. The same, but more.

Kind of like that dodgy salad, except the pooping goes on into infinity.

I mean this in the nicest posssible way, but we’re fucking doomed. Just literally doomed to death, Doomy McDoomface.

…but there is something we can do

It’s small. I started this decade thinking collectively we could change the course of history, and we probably can’t. But we can help each other to survive what is to come. We might fantasise about going back in time and killing Hitler as a baby, but that won’t work. We’ve had chances to prevent the same problems playing out once again, and we’ve failed again and again.

But you know what we can do? Keep each other alive. Reaching out to others, giving material or practical support if we can. Showing up for others. And defying where we can. Make the monsters feel monstrous, because they’re fucking monsters.

We’re fucked, but like that scene in Toy Story 3, let’s hold hands as we plunge into the furnace.

Um, happy new year, I guess.


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3 thoughts on “Doomful and gloomful predictions for 2020”

  1. I was very despondent after the election. My initial gut reaction was that we might as well just give up now as it all seemed so pointless. But after the initial pessimism I composed myself and began to think about solutions. It seems that other people are thinking on similar lines. If we can organise we can take back control. We just need a bit of lateral thinking and then real action. We need to resist and rebel!
    I’ve written a few ideas here: I hope you can find time to read it.

  2. Well that prediction definitely worked.

    The neighbours here in Leytonstone have set up a mutual support scheme – dhopping for self-isolating people, fetching prescriptions, checking people are OK – and it occurs to me that a ‘digital neighbours’ scheme might be useful.

    Others have gone online with reading clubs, ‘readthrough’ sessions of plays and shows, video conferences of katas (solo exercises in their martial arts).

    Not great, but this shit is here for months.

    We both know people in the ‘pre-existing condition’ category who need a lifeline – or really, web of lifelines. There’s nothing symbolic or ‘token support’ about even the the the most cursory ‘ru OK?’ if there’s a follow-up call when you’re not.

    Think it over. Some people we know, Boris would be perfectly happy to see dead: likewise religious fundamentalists, hate groups, the far and not-so-far right. Survival is resistance, mutual support is resistance.

  3. ‘Literally everything will get worse’. Well, that proved accurate… 🙂
    Glad you were wrong about Trump though!

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